A dried and pressed wild tomato specimen

Jake’s tomatoes get pressed (2021)

Jake readies the high tunnel (2020)

Posing with the awesome Morrill corpse flower (2019)

Zhongyun and Stephanie show off the lab mugs (2017)

Annual lab trip to Mike’s Corn Maze in Sunderland, MA (2013)

Lab group in front of flowering dogwood

Summer get-together in honor of Calvin and Ryan (2021)

Obligatory pandemic lab meeting shot (2020)

Congratulations, Dr. Huang! (2017)

Verónica’s good-bye: among 9 of us we spoke 9 languages, and still managed to communicate! (2016)

Altynay, Sherin, Verónica, and Zhongyun looking lab professional (2016)

Weedy rice meeting, Arkansas (2013)

Tomatoes in the high tunnel! (2020)

A bit lost in the lab’s annual maize maze outing (2019)

Annual lab trip to Mike’s Corn Maze (2018)

Growing weedy rice! (2016)

Annual lab maize maze outing (2009)